DP Ron Hill talks about the Dougmon System. September 25 2013, 0 Comments

Here is what Director of Photography for CBS 48 Hours and now Brooklyn DA, Ron Hill has this to say about the Dougmon. (Thanks Ron!)

"Hi Doug,

I'm back in New York working on a few different projects that will keep me here part time, I'll be traveling back and forth from coast to coast.

Thank you for the opportunity to use your Dougman on my last series Brooklyn DA.

The Dougman is definitely a must have camera support system to have in your toolbox to draw from when the demand of shooting non stop is required. 
Shooting documentaries where you can't turn off the camera because you don't want to miss those key moments is where the Dougman shines!! 
It allows the camera operator to hold the shots and cover the action as long as needed without fatigue and that means you'll capture those critical moments needed to carry the story line forward.

When using the Dougman I found it very easy to use and by adding the sling it allowed both hands to be free to pull focus, zoom and operate the camera pretty much indefinitely. 
The more you use the Dougman the more it will become a staple in your creative film making..

The Dougman is clearly designed around the needs of the operator and not around useless bells and whistles that mean NOTHING!!

Ron Hill"
Salt Lake City