American Cine Review of the Dougmon January 29 2013, 0 Comments


Dougmon Supports Handheld Operating

International Supplies, a leading distributer in the photo and video industry, has brought the Dougmon handheld camera-support system to market. Invented by cameraman Doug Monroe, the Dougmon’s adjustable arm support helps reduce wrist and arm fatigue while offering operators the flexibility and support needed for smooth, steady shots with DSLRs and small video cameras.

With the Dougmon system, the camera sits on a patented, adjustable friction ball-head system held in the center of the operator’s palm, imitating the movement of the wrist. The arm of the Dougmon adjusts to fit the length of the user’s arm and a padded cuff with adjustable straps secures it in place. This functional design allows the camera to go wherever the user’s hand or arm goes, enabling the user to shoot high, low, or over his or her shoulder. The Dougmon can even be used as a monopod.

Able to support cameras of up to 5 pounds, the Dougmon weighs 28.5 ounces and is small enough to fit in a camera bag. It features an adjustable, stainless-steel friction ball-head and powder-coated stainless steel and aircraft aluminum sliding arm. Adjustments are easy with industrial-grade knobs and release straps. The Delrin hard plastic handgrip is designed to reduce pressure points in the hand. The Dougmon is sold with a Manfrotto 577-style quick-release head.

The Slingmon, an over-the-shoulder Dougmon support sling, allows for two-handed camera operation and use of slightly heavier cameras.

Street price for the Dougmon is $530. The Slingmon is sold separately for $200. A Dougmon and Slingmon carry bag is available for $30.