DOUGMON® PACKAGE: Special 577 Style with Slingmon® & Free Logo Carry Bag

$450.00 $599.99

Dougmon® System Special is built with the 577 style Release plate.

Weighing only 28.5 ounces, the Dougmon comfortably supports cameras up to 5.5 pounds.  Combining the Dougmon with the Slingmon® allows two hands on camera operation and use of heavier cameras up to 7-10 lbs.

The Dougmon's functional design allows cameras to go wherever your hand and arm can go, unlike shoulder rigs that limit you to the axis of your upper torso.

This flexible design works on an adjustable friction ball head system centered in the palm of your hand. It is supported by an adjustable length metal arm that wraps securely over your arm providing a very steady handheld camera platform.

The Dougmon was designed by 30-year veteran cameraman Doug Monroe. Needing a better tool for handheld small cameras while shooting news, documentary, and many reality television shows, Doug perfected this invention after 10 years of prototypes. Rigorous field testing, help, and advice from talented (and very patient) engineers, tailors, artists, and camera-folk has resulted in this simple but perfect tool.

It's handheld not shoulder-held.

The beauty of a small handheld camera is the size, weight, and maneuverability. With image quality no longer an issue, these small cameras are idea for news, documentary, and reality television production. Why buy a big rig for your small handheld that replicates shoulder support cameras? The Dougmon keeps the flexibility of a small camera in your hand with the support you need to keep your shots smooth and steady while reducing wrist and arm fatigue. 

The Dougmon, Slingmon are guaranteed against manufacturing defect for life and will be replaced if found to have a manufacturing defect. Return shipping paid by buyer. Try the Dougmon for 30 days and if not pleased, return in new condition for a full refund  less shipping charges.